Central Oregon Shooting Sports Assn.

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The range was started in the 1995 time frame and is on 600 acres of  BLM land that is leased to COSSA. The range has various bays that range from 50 yards to 1000 yards in length. We have a 200 yard sighting in target range and metal gongs to 500 yards. A pistol sighting in range to 100 yards with metal gongs at 100 yards. We have a 1000 yard black powder range and a high power rifle range to 1000 yards. It is not uncommon to have several disciplines or activities using the range at the same time. This is the main range for members only and/or disciplines shooting events. This is also were scheduled special events are held.

We have a 100 yard Public range that is open seven days a week and is located 1/4 mile up the road from the main gate..

The ODFW Hunter Safety class of Bend, OR utilizes the range for the range portion of the class.

Several law enforcement groups utilize the range for training and practice.


Current fire danger Level is Extreme     Current Industrial Fire Protection level is 3


As of today BLM prohibits the use of fireworks, exploding targets, and Tracer rounds or incendiary devices on all BLM-managed lands for the fire season.



As of today August 8, 2016 COSSA Fire Waiver is in effect.


1. Smoking is prohibited except in vehicles.

2. Open fires prohibited, including campfires, charcoal fires and warming fires. Portable cooking stoves using liquefied or bottled fuels are allowed.

3. Camping and Parking of vehicles only allowed in designated areas.

4. Personal Generators are allowed but must be contained in an metal fire pan.

5. A commercial generator is allowed as long as the area of operation is cleaned of vegetation.

6. Generally, no personal ATVs or vehicle travel outside main roads or designated area. On large COSSA events up to 4 ATVs and up to 10 golf carts may be used.

7. With the fire trailers COSSA shall have on site and readily available and ample means to move them to where they are needed in the event of a fire when events are occurring.

8. Notify Central Oregon Dispatch at (541) 416-6800 a week ahead of when a large event will be occurring.

9. Central Oregon Dispatch will be notified immediately if a fire occurs.

10. BLM may revoke this waiver at any time.





A $5.00 fee for Guests and non-members for an Insurance requirement.



COSSA does not rent any firearms for use, nor do we have targets or ammunition for sale.        




COSSA is made up of several disciplines that utilize the range. Below are links to those disciplines.


COSSA Practical Shooters(CPS)

Cowboy Action:  Horse Ridge Pistoleros

Great Basin Sharp Shooters BPCR, Buffalo

Handgun Silhouette

High Power Rifle

Lady Hawks Women's Shooting Sports  

Cowboy Action: Pine Mountain Posse

Central Oregon Competitive Shooter Training 

Central Oregon Precision Riflemen


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To the Range:
Go east from Bend on Hwy 20 and
go past mile post 24 first road on the left.

Highway 20 turn off to west side of range: GPS N43.88846 W120.95222

click to view the map to the range) 

To see the drawing of the range click here.

To see the Range from the air click here. (High Speed Connection Recommended)

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Meeting are on the second Thursday of each month and meet at the Bend VFW Hall on 4th and Olney Rd. The meeting start at 7:00 pm. members and guests are welcome.


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Want more information on COSSA please click here for Point of Contacts.

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All new applicants for membership are required to attend an range orientation before receiving membership cards and the gate code.

The next orientation is scheduled at 10 AM on 17 September, 2016.

For COSSA Orientation the following are required to be brought to the range on day of orientation.

1. Safety Manual

2. Members Guide to Safety and Range Use

3. A taken Safety Quiz

4. Eye and Ear protection

5. Membership Application ( can be filled out, a check for the appropriate fee and brought to orientation)

The Safety Quiz will be reviewed and a tour of the range on day of orientation.

Please click here for the orientation information sheet.

Please click here for the Membership Application.

COSSA Safety Manual

The COSSA Safety Manual is provided to all new and current COSSA members. The purpose of the COSSA Safety Manual is two-fold:

To help ensure a safe and enjoyable sport shooting experience for all members and guests, and

To meet safety education standards required by COSSA’s liability insurance provider. 

Please click here for the Safety Manual.

Please click here for the Members Guide to Safety and Range Use.

Please click here for the Safety Quiz.


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Calendar of events for the current month click on the link below.

Monthly Calendar

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Special events and Matches coming up at the range.

Special Events

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Private Special Training Information

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COSSA  Monthly Newsletters

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