Great Basin Sharp Shooters, Buffalo Matches. Now, we will include a mid range shoot. 100-500 yards, along with the 600-1,000 yards shoot.

Single shot or lever action rifle, lead bullets, no gas checks, black powder, no weight limit on rifles.



We shoot on the 4th Saturday, starting April 24th through October. Shooting with the use of cross sticks, short stool or prone. This is a relaxing, interesting, fun shoot.

If you are interested in shooting Buffalo rifles of the Old West, come check us out. We have a knowledgeable group willing to help new shooters, from equipment to reloading. If you have an old black powder cartridge rifle, this would be the place to try it out.

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Information about this shoot: call Rod Campuzano (541) 330-8802 or (541) 550-9570,