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One of the advantages of sharing a range with other shooting clubs is the opportunity to shoot together and enjoy each other’s company. Essentially having more than one club on the range presents an opportunity to experience another shooter’s pleasure. Such is the approach used by the newly formed Pine Mountain Posse (PMP), located in Central Oregon just a tad east of Bend. The Posse (for short) is one of several different shooting clubs operating under the auspices of COSSA, the Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association. COSSA operates the range on BLM land, and currently manages the range for several different shooting clubs. These Clubs cover the gamut of shooting venues, ranging from Black Powder Cartridge Rifle, IPSC, Self Defense shooting, to a group of ladies known as "The Lady Hawk’s." The Posse has committed to building a strong relationship with these other clubs not only for the fun of it, but also to build a solidarity amongst shooter’s that can go far beyond the confines of any range.

As part of this pro-active approach to friendly shooting relationships, several members of the Posse introduced the Lady Hawks to Cowboy Action Shooting. The Ladies were most impressed and enjoyed shooting a Cowboy Stage or two. New to the newly christened Cowgirls was the use of Revolvers and Lever Action Rifles. However, they mastered these firearms in no time at all, and before you could bat an eye, they hungered for more…More that is until the 12 Gauge Shotgun came in to play. The Ladies recoiled a bit from the 12 Gauge Shotguns (if you get my drift), and found they could be happier with the rifles and revolvers. We’re only kidding—these gals are tough or else they wouldn’t be out at the range with the temperature in the low 20’s! They mastered the shotgun just as they mastered the other two main match guns. Hopefully, when it warms up a bit, the Posse and the Lady Hawk’s will combine forces again and do away with the "bad guys." Remember Ladies hammer down on an empty chamber.

As most our readers know Cowboy Action Shooting has been around for 30 years or so, and when venues start to age, they get a little stale, especially without variety. The Posse, to rectify this potential problem, plans to make our shoots more interesting by shooting a varied menu. This is where other disciplines on the COSSA range can be of help by jumping in and mixing up the stages. Likewise, perhaps the Posse can join other disciplines on their shooting days in order to "mix it up," so to speak. Additionally, within the world of western shooting, other disciplines, such as Cowboy Fast Draw and Western 3 Gun, will help provide the variety the Posse seeks.

There you have it in a nutshell. The Posse was formed to add a new dimension to western shooting. That dimension being good clean safe "fun shooting." We are all Shooter’s at heart, and it’s about time we start getting together and enjoying our mutual love of the sport.

Palaver Pete