Schedule of certified NRA Classes

These classes are being by offered by Mo Chandler in Central Oregon

This is a list of classes that I have currently scheduled for this year to see what the needs are in Central Oregon.

There has recently been a large request for the Range Safety Officer (RSO) class. If I do not get any request on a given date, I would be willing to add an additional discipline on that scheduled RSO date.

I am currently certified as an instructor in all of the muzzleloading disciplines. Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun and would be willing to set up some classes if enough individuals are interested.

I am planning on being certified in the two Personal Home Protection disciplines and will offer these classes upon my completion of the classes and upon the completion of the certification process by NRA.

My schedule is flexible and if enough individuals desire a specific discipline, I will try and work with them to set up another class on another date.

If you have any other questions, please send me an email or call me at the following:

Phone: 541-504-2609



Date Begin Date End Number of Days Course Class Hours Deposit Due Date Deposit Amount Balance Course Total
09/11/09 09/13/09 2 Basic Pistol Training 10.0 08/11/09 25.00 80.00 105.00
10/09/09 10/11/09 3 Basic Instructor Training and Basic Rifle 23.0 09/09/09 70.00 135.00 205.00
11/21/09 11/22/09 2 Basic Instructor Training and Range Safety Officer 15.0 10/21/09 60.00 95.00 155.00
12/05/09 12/06/09 2 Basic Instructor Training and Range Safety Officer 16.0 11/05/09 60.00 95.00 155.00